Teachers across Canada: Make sure your students’ voices are heard on WorldVuze this April and May 2016. UNICEF Canada needs their help to make Canada a better place for all children and youth.

The Problem

When UNICEF Canada compared the well-being of children and youth in 35 industrialized countries, Canada ranked in 25th place (UNICEF Report Card 13: Fairness for Children). Canada can do better!

The Challenge

UNICEF challenge profileStarting April 4, 2016, students can advocate for a better future for millions of children and youth across Canada by answering UNICEF Canada’s Better Than Before Challenge questions on WorldVuze (tagged UNICEF2016).

Their answers may be included in a UNICEF Canada report, and shared with decision makers, to help advocate for change to improve child well-being in Canada. This final report may also be made available to the public (only the age, gender and location of responders will be included, to protect privacy and confidentiality).

How it Works

  1. If you’re not already on WorldVuze, go to www.worldvuze.com and sign up, log on and create your class. It’s free for classrooms now and always! Click here for more information on WorldVuze and how to get started
  2. Starting on April 4, 2016, your students can search the tag UNICEF2016 in WorldVuze to share their perspectives on the UNICEF Canada Better than Before Challenge questions.
  3. Help UNICEF Canada get the word out! Share this Challenge with other classrooms at your school and across Canada. Tweet a link to this blog; post it on Facebook; tell your colleagues.

“I am inspired by the world’s young people, who make up half the world’s population — and whose voices we must integrate more fully in decision-making everywhere.” 

– Ban Ki Moon, September 18, 2015 address to the General Assembly