Online Safety on WorldVuze

The WorldVuze platform hosts a trusted community of elementary, middle and secondary school teachers and their students. Online safety is therefore of utmost importance to us. Here’s how we work to ensure the privacy and security of every student and teacher on WorldVuze:

  1. We validate every teacher before they are allowed access to the WorldVuze site by ensuring that they have a functioning school email address, cross-checking this with their school website and/or contacting their school directly.
  2. Every student on WorldVuze is connected to their teacher via a unique ‘class code.’ Each time a teacher creates a new class on WorldVuze we provide them with a corresponding unique ‘class code.’ Students can only be provided with this code by their teacher and must enter this code, along with their first and last name, user name (which they create) age and gender, when signing up to the site.
  3. WorldVuze does not require or collect student email addresses.
  4. Students’ identities are protected on the site. Students are represented on the site by their user names, which they create, not their real names. Teachers have the ability to change their own students’ user names should a student use their real name in error or if they feel the user name chosen is inappropriate.
  5. Students are all accountable to their teacher on the site. Although students’ identities are hidden on WorldVuze, they are not anonymous to their own teacher. Every teacher has access to their own students’ user names and can easily view and track all of their own students’ activity on the site at anytime.
  6. WorldVuze uses a profanity filter on the platform which blocks students from posting profanity as well as personal information such as phone numbers and email addresses on the site.
  7. Teachers and students can ‘flag’ any post (answer, comment or ‘mindshift’) on the site that they feel is inappropriate or offensive. This will immediately send a message, which appears on the user’s WorldVuze activity feed, to: 1) the teacher of the student who wrote the post; 2) the teacher of the student who flagged the post; 3) the student who wrote the post; and 4) the WorldVuze team. The WorldVuze team will also be prompted via an email alert. If it is in fact an inappropriate post (i.e. spam, hurtful language, profanity not caught by our filter, the post will be deleted immediately by the WorldVuze team. A post can also be deleted by: 1) the student who wrote it; and 2) the teacher of the student who wrote it.
  8. WorldVuze provides teachers with a student online conduct video, available on our Teacher Resource page here: We strongly advise teachers to cover online security and behaviour with their students prior to using WorldVuze and inform students that you will be able to view all of their posts at anytime.