Online Conduct

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The WorldVuze community of students in classrooms around the world depends on everyone trying to communicate as effectively as possible. On WorldVuze, you will be identified by other students globally by your username. Please do not share personal information with anyone while you are communicating in this environment.

By personal information we mean, your full name, email address, skype, youtube accounts, mailing address, phone number, school name, school address, links to personal pictures or files, etc.

Important Information Regarding Your Identity/Security on WorldVuze

1. Your User Name

On the WorldVuze site, only the username you choose to provide in your profile, your city and age will appear next to all of your comments — for example ‘John, from Toronto, Canada, 13 years old’.  Your school name will not be identified. That means that all students, including those in your classroom, will only know you by the username you choose.  For this reason, it is important  that you do NOT include your last name. Your teacher will receive regular updates and be able to read all of your posts on WorldVuze (answers to questions, mindshifts, and comments to other student’s answers) and your teacher will know who you are. If there is an inappropriate post, your teacher will be notified.

There are a few “ground rules” on WorldVuze. When you are using WorldVuze, the expectation is that you:

  • Will be respectful of other people’s opinions, beliefs, and values at all times, even if you do not agree with them.
  • Will not communicate in a way that is disrespectful or hurtful. Tell your teacher immediately if you see this behaviour.
  • Will not share personal information (i.e. full names, email, mailing address, phone number, skype, etc.) about yourself, your friends, or your family.  
  • Will accept and forgive mistakes that others may make. It is a learning experience for everyone!
  • Will remember that what you write online is visible to the whole WorldVuze community.
  • Will give credit to words or images that are not yours and use quotation marks if you are quoting something said by someone else.
  • Will have fun sharing your knowledge, opinions, and experiences with other students around the world!

Here’s a video you can share with your students about Online Conduct on WorldVuze