Demo Videos

If you need some help with navigating the platform, here are some quick demo videos that may help!

Getting Started on WorldVuze in Less than 3 Minutes!
getting started in less than 3 minutes
Classroom Case Study

Class case study
Signing Up
I'm a teacher, how do I sign up?
i'm a teacher, how do i sign up
I'm a student, how do I sign up?
I'm a student, how do i sign up
How do I find my class code?
class code
How do I create a class?
create a class
How do I ask a question?
ask a question
How do I navigate or search for questions?
search for questions
Answers, Comments, and Mindshifts
How do I answer a question? (also comment and agree)
answer question
How can I explore answers to questions?
answers to questions
Viewing Your Students' Activity
How do I see my students' activity on WorldVuze (i.e. answers, comments, mindshifts)?
student activity