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WorldVuze Just Became Bilingual…and Other Exciting New Features! 

WorldVuze Bilingual Discussion Capabilities

WorldVuze is now bilingual in French and English! This means not only can your students engage in discussions on WorldVuze in French, as well as English, but students can also join in bilingual discussions together. Watch this short video to walk you through these new and exciting features!

Find Questions in French

Click on the drop down arrow located on the search window to reveal the language filter to find questions in French or English.

Start and Engage in Bilingual Discussions
In addition to posting a question in either English or French, classrooms can now post their question in BOTH English AND French as a bilingual question.

Your students can now engage in these new bilingual discussions, where they can view the question in both English and French with the EN/FR toggle.

Answer Questions in English or French
Students can answer questions in English or French. WorldVuze will detect which language the answer was written in. This means the same student can use WorldVuze as both a French and English speaker.

Filter Answers by Language
You can now filter all answers to a question by language (English or French, for now) and read all the answers written in that language.


New Ways to Find Discussion Challenge Questions and Other Discussions that Interest YOUR Class!

We’ve redesigned the WorldVuze dashboard to make it easier for you to find discussions that interest YOUR class, including featured discussion challenges that are happening right now. Watch for yourself how finding meaningful dialogue just got easier!

Quick Featured Question Access
On the top left corner of the dashboard you will find circle icons which are quick links to featured questions. Clicking on one of these icons will take a student directly to that featured question. Currently there are five red icons, each representing one category of the Next 150 discussion questions.

Question Category Dropdown
Click on the blue drop down arrow, located to the right of the red icons, to see an overview of ALL featured discussion questions, as well as other ‘Questions of the Week’ highlighting classroom questions on a range of topics.

In the drop down, under Featured Discussion Questions, you will see tabs across the top representing each category. Clicking on one of the featured category tabs, for example “Sustainable Future”, , will allow you to see all the featured questions from that category. Clicking on one of the question image boxes will then take you directly to that specific question.

Next Question Feature
Once your students have answered a question, they can click on the green “Next Question” tab, which will take them to the next question in this topic without having to leave the page. This is a way they can easily explore and answer the rest of the questions from that same category.

Once they’ve finished exploring questions from this category, the “Next Question” button will change to “Go Back”. They can then click on the “Go Back” button, “Home” or the WorldVuze icon to take them back to the dashboard, where they can share their perspectives on more discussion topics!

Everything Your Class Will Need to Join the Next 150 Discussions

The Next 150 / Les Prochaines 150 Années is a powerful opportunity for thousands of elementary, middle, and secondary students from diverse communities across the country to come together to help shape Canada’s future. Starting Monday, September 18th until November 30th, 2017, your students can join the national Next 150 discussion on WorldVuze to share their vision for the Canada young people want in the next 150 years and as a result create a blueprint to help them and future generations get us there.

As a result, this collective Next 150 vision will be posted publicly by WorldVuze as an infographic and report and shared with the media, Canadian Ministries and decision makers so the voices of Canadian youth will be heard!

Full Next 150 Getting Started Guide: 

Click here for a comprehensive guide to the Next 150 discussions, including everything you see below and more!

Here’s How Your Class Can Join the Next 150 Discussions:

  1. Sign your class up to WorldVuze (a free and safe K-12 discussion platform)

Getting Started on WorldVuze

  • Create your teacher account on www.worldvuze.com (we validate all teachers, so make sure to sign-up at least 48 hours before you plan on joining the discussions)
  • Create a class for your students to join (you can create as many classes as you need!)
  • Give your students the class code (from the class you created) and ask your students to create their own accounts on WorldVuze www.worldvuze.com (by clicking on sign-up, “I’m a student”)

Now your students will have the opportunity to join hundreds of discussions with K-12 students across Canada and around the world in the safe WorldVuze environment!

See here how we make sure WorldVuze is a safe environment for K-12 students and teachers only, from validating all teachers on the platform, to our student privacy measures, profanity filter, and flagging system.

  1. Join the Next 150 Discussions – Anytime between Monday, September 18th until November 30th 2017

Your students can share their perspectives on WorldVuze on any or all of the Next 150 questions about these 5 important topics:

  • Responsible Citizenship
  • Canadian Identities
  • Rethinking Our Past
  • Sustainable Future
  • Canada’s Leadership in the World

Have your students log back into WorldVuze (in class or at home) and choose one of the Next 150 discussion topics. There are 4-5 discussion questions under each Next 150 topic for your students to answer. As a teacher, you can keep track of all of your own students’ answers in your teacher Activity feed.

Check out a preview of all of the Next 150 discussion questions in English and French.

More Helpful Classroom Resources and Activities to Deepen the Discussion

Deepen the learning experience for your students in the Next 150 discussions by integrating these Next 150 activities and background resources, available in both English and French.

Responsible CitizenshipResponsible Citizenship

Share your vision of what you think should be expected of a ‘responsible’ citizen in Canada and what rights they should expect to have in the Next 150 years.

Classroom Activity: What’s The Best Age to Vote? (English pdf / French pdf)

Background Resources: 
English Resources
French Resources

(Discover French-language educational resources, adapted for your class, on Responsible Citizenship and all Next 150 discussion topics on IDÉLLO)

Canadian IdentitiesCanadian Identities

Share your vision of what it should mean for people of all cultures and communities (urban, rural, Indigenous, northern, suburban, Francophone, Anglophone) in Canada to feel they belong and are represented in the next 150.

Classroom Activity: The Nightly News (English pdf / French pdf)

Background Resources: 
English Resources
French Resources

(Discover French-language educational resources, adapted for your class, on Canadian Identities and all Next 150 discussion topics on IDÉLLO)

Rethinking Our PastRethinking Our Past

Share your vision of whether anything needs to change in the way we learn about Canadian history in school and in the media and the value of learning from the past in the next 150 years.

Classroom Activity: Mapping Perspectives (English pdf / French pdf)

Background Resources: 
English Resources
French Resources

(Discover French-language educational resources, adapted for your class, on Rethinking Our Past and all Next 150 discussion topics on IDÉLLO)

Sustainable FutureSustainable Future

Share your vision of the kind of changes people and communities in Canada should be making to become more sustainable and what Canada’s contribution as a nation should be towards a more sustainable world in the next 150 years.

Classroom Activity: Visions of a Sustainable Community (English pdf / French pdf)

Background Resources: 
English Resources
French Resources

(Discover French-language educational resources, adapted for your class, on Sustainable Future and all Next 150 discussion topics on IDÉLLO)

Canada's LeadershipCanada’s Leadership

Share your vision of what role Canada should take as a leader in the world, Canada’s responsibility to address international challenges, and how Canada should prepare young people to contribute as leaders in the world in the next 150 years.

Classroom Activity: Art Exhibit – Showcase Canada’s Leadership in the World Over the Next 150 (English pdf / French pdf)

Background Resources: 
English Resources
French Resources

(Discover French-language educational resources, adapted for your class, on Canada’s Leadership and all Next 150 discussion topics on IDÉLLO)

Critical Thinking Consortium Webinar: 5 Powerful Learning Opportunities Using WorldVuze in YOUR class!

Critical Thinking Consortium Webinar: 5 Powerful Learning Opportunities Using WorldVuze in YOUR class!

Join The Critical Thinking Consortium’s (TC2) Dr. Garfield Gini-Newman for a free 1-hour interactive webinar “5 Powerful Learning Opportunities Using WorldVuze in YOUR Class!” this October 18th from 7:30-8:30pm EST. Explore 5 easy to use activities you can bring to your classroom to leverage the WorldVuze platform to create powerful learning opportunities that can help cultivate critically thinking, creative, collaborative, and globally-minded students and help you achieve your curriculum goals, whether you have 15 minutes of class time or a larger unit to work with.

garfield-picFacilitator: Professor Garfield Gini- Newman
As national senior consultant with The Critical Thinking Consortium and associate professor at OISE/University of Toronto, Garfield has worked with thousands of teachers across grades and subjects. Previously he was a teacher and curriculum consultant and has led major projects exploring the use of digital technologies to enhance critical, creative and collaborative thinking. Garfield speaks across Canada and internationally, has authored eight books and several chapters in books and articles. He has also taught in the faculties of education at York University and the University of British Columbia. His most recent book, Creating Thinking Classrooms, is into its fifth printing and is being used in schools across Canada, the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

Date: October 18th

Time:  7:30-8:30pm EST


Cost: This first “Powerful Learning” Webinar is Free of charge

Following Additional Webinars will be offered during the 2016-17 school year at a cost of $15 each/educator (times TBD)

Powerful Learning Webinar Series
The Critical Thinking Consortium (TC2) and WorldVuze (www.worldvuze.com) are teaming up to bring the best of pedagogy and technology together in this webinar series. In these interactive 1-hour webinars, world-class facilitators from The Critical Thinking Consortium will provide frameworks and pedagogical strategies to help K-12 educators foster critically thinking, creative, collaborative, and globally-minded students by leveraging the WorldVuze platform.

Critical Thinking Consortium
The Critical Thinking Consortium supports many thousands of educators through a range of face-to-face, online and print resources and services developed around a classroom-proven approach to embedding critical thinking. Our aim is to help students learn to think and think to learn.

NEW Features – Video Questions, Class Profiles, and More!

NEW Features – Video Questions, Class Profiles, and More!

WorldVuze just got more engaging! This month we are introducing new features that will allow classrooms to feel more deeply connected to one another by offering new mediums and opportunities to engage with the world.

Video Questions
Test video question


Ask a video question as a class or use a video to inspire discussion.



Start by asking a question as you normally would by typing out your question and multiple choice options in the question field.

Add video question


Turn it into a video question, using YouTube or Vimeo, by finding the video you want and using the proper embed format.





For YouTube the proper embed format is:

Your video’s ID is the letter/number combination after the v= in your videos url. See the VIDEO_ID for the WorldVuze Student Case Study video, for example, highlighted in yellow below. That means, the proper embed format for the WorldVuze Student Case Study video would be https://youtube.com/embed/gdUlTt0tdTIExample Video_ID

Picture Questions
How might pictures or images be interpreted from different perspectives? You can explore this new medium for discussion by posting your own picture questions!


Sample picture question



Simply find your image and add it to your next question on WorldVuze.




Class Profile
Learn more about the class behind the question by adding your own class profile.

class profile

Add a class picture and class description that students and teachers around the world can see by editing your class, under your profile tab.


See class profiles of others by clicking on the class name or class profile icon next to their question, such as the Grade 6 Class below.

class profile

New to WorldVuze? Check out our 5 Steps to Get Your Class Started on WorldVuze blog, our case studies, or demo videos page. Already using WorldVuze, but interested in opportunities to further foster 21st century competencies in your students through inquiry using the technology? Consider joining one of our training sessions near you or bring WorldVuze trainers to your school.

Tell us how you would shape the future of education…

Tell us how you would shape the future of education…

les tablettistesThis February 17th 2016, TFO, a go-to resource for educational and cultural content in French in Ontario and internationally is holding its third annual Les Tablettistes conference at Glendon College in Toronto. Les Tablettistes is a bilingual forum for discussion and exchange of ideas that brings together leaders in education, media, and tech to explore the challenges and opportunities for the future in a digital world. This includes an opening address from Canada’s former Prime Minister from 2003 to 2006, the Right Honourable Paul Martin; Student Rights Ambassador for Student Voice, Erik Martin; and Catherine Cano, Executive Director News Programs and Special Events CBC/Radio-Canada.

This jam packed event investigates the cross-section of innovation and education. WorldVuze, in partnership with TFO’s Les Tablettistes and The Wonderment want to bring the student perspective to the table from students across Canada and around the world!

Share Your Perspectives on Education this January 2016
Student perspectives shared by you throughout the month of January 2016 on WorldVuze and The Wonderment will be featured at Les Tablettistes conference in posters and a special video that will be seen by all attendees. Here’s a chance for student voice to be front and centre in shaping the future of education.

How do you join the conversation?
K-12 Teachers, sign up for free at www.worldvuze.com
New to WorldVuze? Check out here how to get your class started on WorldVuze in 5 easy steps.

Les Tablettistes on WorldVuzeOnce your class has joined WorldVuze, your students can safely share their perspectives on these five special Les Tablettistes questions below. Type the question you want to answer or the “TFO” or “Les Tablettistes” question tag in the search bar for easy access to the Les Tablettistes questions. You can also login to WorldVuze, click on the question links below and be taken directly to the question you want!

All languages are welcome. We encourage you to answer the question in a language that you feel most comfortable writing in!

Les Tablettistes Asks…
1) What helps you learn best at school?
2) If you could design the school of the future, what would you include to make it better than today’s schools?
3) What are the most important skills you think you should be learning at school?
4) How different do you think school is now from when your parents or grandparents went to school?
5) How well do you think your education is preparing you for your future?

Join WorldVuze student ambassadors in the Earth Day Pledge

Join WorldVuze student ambassadors in the Earth Day Pledge

Four WorldVuze student ambassadors, who initiated the Earth Day Challenge on WorldVuze, will be leading the Earth Day pledge as part of Earth Day Canada‘s 2015 Assembly. Joining them will be Earth Day Canada President, Deb Doncaster, HGTV’s Scott MacGillvray, TVO eco-adventurer’s the Water Brothers, and Ontario’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change.

Join them at:
77 Wellesley St. West, Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON

April 22nd from 9:30am to 10:15am

For more details about the event, see the flyer here!

Of course, if you cannot make the event in person, share your pledge with the WorldVuze community by answering: How will you lower your carbon footprint on your way to school this year? Share your Earth Day 2015 pledge and be specific!

Does your class have an idea about a challenge you would like the WorldVuze community to participate in? Contact us to share your ideas at info@worldvuze.com!

Join Us at the Summer Symposium this July!

Join Us at the Summer Symposium this July!

This July 6th and 7th we will be co-facilitating a two day workshop “WorldVuze: Global Education in an Inquiry Based Classroom” with Garfield Gini-Newman from the Critical Thinking Consortium at the Summer Symposium in Toronto, Canada held at the Bishop Strachan School.

During this workshop, learn how to provide authentic, engaging and deep global learning for your students across the curriculum. Explore the possibilities of using WorldVuze to bring diverse student perspectives to your discussions about core curriculum such as science and social studies as well as complex challenges such as climate change, urban planning, clean water and urbanization.

You will have an opportunity to work with the renowned educator, Dr. Garfield Gini- Newman (Senior Lecturer at OISE/University of Toronto and National Senior Consultant at TC2) to learn and practice relevant pedagogical approaches from the Critical Thinking Consortium. These scaffolds enhance critical, creative and collaborative thinking for all students.  BSS educator Amanda Humphreys brings her many years of experience with project work to WorldVuze and will highlight examples of ways you can successfully integrate this platform in a variety of grades. As well, WorldVuze founders, Julia Coburn and Ellen Palmer, will navigate you through the powerful uses of this platform.

See flyer for workshop details

See how to Register here

Are you interested in having WorldVuze P.D. at your school or your next event? Contact Julia Coburn at julia@worldvuze.com for details! Also, go to tc2.ca for more Critical Thinking Consortium workshops and resources!


Using Multiple Student Perspectives to Break the “Single Story”

This Monday, we co-presented a session with Jennifer D. Klein from PRINCIPLED Learning Strategies and the World Leadership School at the Global Education Conference 2014. The session, “Using Multiple Student Perspectives to Break the Single Story” discussed three underlying principles that helped form the WorldVuze experience and our philosophies toward global education.

These principles are that Global Education should:

1) Break the “Single Story”;

2) Be engaging and relatable for students; and

3) Be Equitable.

If you were not able to make it to the session, do not fret, you can watch it on your own time here!

You can also learn more about Global Education at this wonderful and free online conference here. It will be running all week until Friday, November 21st.

Join Our Online Session at the Global Education Conference 2014

We are thrilled to be joining the Global Education Conference 2014 this year. Join us on Monday, November 17th at 10pm EST in our conference session “Using Multiple Student Perspectives to Break the Single Story” that we are co-presenting with Jennifer D. Klein, the founder of PRINCIPLED Learning Solutions and Director of Professional Development at World Leadership School.

During the session, we will discuss the underlying principles behind the WorldVuze technology and their implications to global education. Find out how you can make learning about complex local and global topics engaging and relatable for students, bringing humanity and empowering the individual, while not losing sight of the big picture and the collective.

Themes discussed in this presentation include: uncovering bias; student centred learning, student voice, equitable global dialogue, and inquiry based learning.

Join by following this link, then select your time zone and find our session under Monday, November 17th at 10pm est: http://www.globaleducationconference.com/page/sessions-and-schedule


‘Not So Silent Auction’ – Raises Voices for WorldVuze!

Last evening we held our first ever ‘Not So Silent’ Auction to “raise” voices on WorldVuze and are happy to say it was a great success with over 600 voices raised! A few thank you’s are in order. First, thank you to all who came out to the event and to so many others who did their part to chip in. Thank you to our in-kind donors for the evening: Blyss Salon, the National Ballet of Canada, Sweets from the Earth, David’s Tea, the Air Canada enRoute Film Festival, DeSerres, Sushi Kai, Rosedale Diner, The Toronto International Film Festival, Absolute Comedy, Starbucks, imagineNATIVE Film Festival, Reel Asian International Film Festival, Grazie Restorante, What a Bagel, Second Cup and Sweet Sensations Candy Buffet. Thanks also to Scallywags for hosting our event!

This is the first step in adding more student voices on WorldVuze.

WorldVuze is a place where every voice matters and every voice is equal, bringing together students from different backgrounds all over the world. This is important as multiple perspectives are critical to breaking down assumptions and for students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, each other, and the world around them. We can only imagine what would happen if students had exposure to multiple and diverse points of view on a regular basis, especially starting at a young age!

For this reason, it is critical for the platform to be free for teachers and their students to use. Since most teachers have limited budgets, having to pay for the site would prohibit many from using it, limiting the number and diversity of our student community. This goes beyond simply limiting diversity between countries, but even within countries, cities and towns. The real power lies in bringing the voices of young people together that may not have otherwise had the chance to encounter one another.

We want to see as many students as possible around the world exchanging points of view with one another, however, the experience is not free for us to run or grow…

That is why we need your help! Help students to have a voice on WorldVuze. For every $5, one more student can join. The more voices, the more perspectives that can help each child shape their understanding of the world.

Stay tuned for our upcoming IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign where you too can help students around the world have a voice and learn together!