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Kids Meet Canadian Identities: A Live National K-8 Webcast (Dec 6 @ 12pm ET)

Kids Meet Canadian Identities: A Live National K-8 Webcast (Dec 6 @ 12pm ET)

Come meet students representing provinces across Canada in this Live, Interactive National K-8 Webcast as they share their thoughts on Canadian Identity and belonging, reflecting on the Next 150 Discussions on WorldVuze!

Register your class to watch and actively participate in live audience activities.

This webcast is a partnership between A Kids’ Guide to Canada (AKGTC) and WorldVuze as part of a series of regular AKGTC Kids Meet national webcasts.

Webcast Details

Date & Time: December 6th at 12:00pm EDT

Platform: Google Hangouts on Air – a link will be sent to you once you have registered

Recording: The webcast will be broadcast live, and recorded for future viewing

Add YOUR Voice to the Conversation

During the live webcast, students representing provinces across the country will be sharing their thoughts on what belonging means to young people from their community compared to the rest of Canada. Your class can play an active role by sharing their perspectives on belonging from their own community by answering the following Next 150 discussion question on WorldVuze below, before November 21st.

Canadian Identities Question #4:

“How much change do you think is needed for the people in the city, town, or community where you live to feel they belong in Canada?”

Here’s how your students can find and answer this question, once they’re on WorldVuze:

1. Clicking on the arrow to expand and see all “Next 150 questions”

2. Clicking on the Canadian Identities tab. Students can then click on the image of “Question 4: How much change do you think is needed for the people in the city, town, or community where you live to feel they belong in Canada?”
finding question #4

3. Share their Perspectives and submit their answers! Once your students click on the question, it will take them directly to a pop-up where they can type and share their perspective on that question.

Follow Along with the Canadian Identities Webcast Activity (Optional)

Do you want your class to follow along and interact with the Canadian Identities activity showcased in the Kids Meet webcast? In this Canadian Identities Activity, which your class can do prior to the webcast, your students will add their own perspectives and analyze perspectives on “belonging in Canada” first from their community’s perspective, then compare their community to other perspectives across Canada.

The Critical Thinking Consortium’s Webinar: 5 Powerful Learning Opportunities Using WorldVuze in YOUR Class!

This October, The Critical Thinking Consortium’s (TC2) Dr. Garfield Gini-Newman facilitated a 1-hour interactive webinar “5 Powerful Learning Opportunities using WorldVuze in YOUR class!”, highlighting critical thinking opportunities when using WorldVuze in the K-12 classroom.

You can watch the full webinar recording here:

Webinar Highlights
In this webinar, Professor Gini-Newman explores the following themes:

  • How does technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge intersect?
  • What should be the defining characteristics of the 21st century classroom?
  • When can critical thinking be integrated in the classroom?
  • How can inquiry be used as a stance to support thinking classrooms?
  • What is the difference between student engagement and student empowerment?
  • How can you help your students gauge the quality of information they are receiving?
  • How does the student learning experience change when taught from a “knowledge hierarchy” versus a “knowledge network” stance?
  • How can you and your class identify and create questions that invite critical thinking?

A Peak Inside the Webinar
Professor Gini-Newman offers strategies for fostering thinking classrooms that can be integrated while using WorldVuze with your class. Here’s some strategies you can learn in the webinar:

The Baloney Meter
Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 1.51.31 PM








Attributes of a Critical Thinking Question

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 1.59.15 PM

Wheel of Qualifiers (Turning questions into “critical thinking” questions)
Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 2.04.51 PM

We want to thank the Critical Thinking Consortium for sharing these powerful strategies with the WorldVuze community and invite educators to share ideas for future webinars by emailing us at

About The Critical Thinking Consortium
The Critical Thinking Consortium supports many thousands of educators through a range of face-to-face, online and print resources and services developed around a classroom-proven approach to embedding critical thinking. TC2’s aim is to help students learn to think and think to learn.