Kids Meet Canadian Identities Webcast

This December 6th 2017, we held a Live, Interactive National K-8 Webcast in partnership with A Kids’ Guide to Canada where classrooms across Canada were able to meet students representing four diverse communities in Canada – Vancouver, BC; Gorrie, Ontario; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; and Churchill, Manitoba. These four classrooms shared their thoughts on Canadian identity and belonging, reflecting on the Next 150 Discussion question on WorldVuze “How much change do you think is needed for the people in the city, town, or community where you live to feel they belong in Canada?”. 

If you were not able to see this webcast live, you can watch these incredibly insightful presentations with your class anytime in this webcast recording.

webcast recording

Every student from the classes presenting responded to this question by choosing between three multiple choice options and then providing a written response to share “why”.

A. No change is needed

B. Some change is needed

C. Big change is needed

community question

First classroom presenters shared how their community responded to this question and then they compared their community to the rest of Canada, using the location filters and pie chart features built into WorldVuze, as you can see below.  

location filter

pie chart

The results and insights students provided were fascinating!

york house


The WorldVuze Group at York House School in Vancouver, British Columbia shared how not all regions of Canada have the same perspectives and experiences when it comes to belonging in Canada.





The Grade 7/8 class from Howick Central Public School in Gorrie, Ontario shared perspectives around diversity coming from a rural community in Canada.



st luke's


Students from St. Luke School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan shared how mindsets about diversity and belonging can be learned and unlearned, “You can learn to discriminate, so you can learn NOT to discriminate”.


Due to technical issues, we were not able to hear from the wonderful Grade 4/5 class from Duke of Marlborough School in Churchill, Manitoba. We welcome you to login to WorldVuze with your class and explore their perspectives and insights about belonging and other topics!

Do you want your class to follow interact with the Canadian Identities activity showcased in the Kids Meet webcast? In this Canadian Identities Activity, which your class can do anytime, your students will be able to add their own perspectives and analyze perspectives on “belonging” first from their community’s perspective, then compare their community to other perspectives across Canada and/or internationally.