WorldVuze Just Became Bilingual…and Other Exciting New Features! 

WorldVuze Bilingual Discussion Capabilities

WorldVuze is now bilingual in French and English! This means not only can your students engage in discussions on WorldVuze in French, as well as English, but students can also join in bilingual discussions together. Watch this short video to walk you through these new and exciting features!

Find Questions in French

Click on the drop down arrow located on the search window to reveal the language filter to find questions in French or English.

Start and Engage in Bilingual Discussions
In addition to posting a question in either English or French, classrooms can now post their question in BOTH English AND French as a bilingual question.

Your students can now engage in these new bilingual discussions, where they can view the question in both English and French with the EN/FR toggle.

Answer Questions in English or French
Students can answer questions in English or French. WorldVuze will detect which language the answer was written in. This means the same student can use WorldVuze as both a French and English speaker.

Filter Answers by Language
You can now filter all answers to a question by language (English or French, for now) and read all the answers written in that language.


New Ways to Find Discussion Challenge Questions and Other Discussions that Interest YOUR Class!

We’ve redesigned the WorldVuze dashboard to make it easier for you to find discussions that interest YOUR class, including featured discussion challenges that are happening right now. Watch for yourself how finding meaningful dialogue just got easier!

Quick Featured Question Access
On the top left corner of the dashboard you will find circle icons which are quick links to featured questions. Clicking on one of these icons will take a student directly to that featured question. Currently there are five red icons, each representing one category of the Next 150 discussion questions.

Question Category Dropdown
Click on the blue drop down arrow, located to the right of the red icons, to see an overview of ALL featured discussion questions, as well as other ‘Questions of the Week’ highlighting classroom questions on a range of topics.

In the drop down, under Featured Discussion Questions, you will see tabs across the top representing each category. Clicking on one of the featured category tabs, for example “Sustainable Future”, , will allow you to see all the featured questions from that category. Clicking on one of the question image boxes will then take you directly to that specific question.

Next Question Feature
Once your students have answered a question, they can click on the green “Next Question” tab, which will take them to the next question in this topic without having to leave the page. This is a way they can easily explore and answer the rest of the questions from that same category.

Once they’ve finished exploring questions from this category, the “Next Question” button will change to “Go Back”. They can then click on the “Go Back” button, “Home” or the WorldVuze icon to take them back to the dashboard, where they can share their perspectives on more discussion topics!