5 Steps to Get Your Class Started on WorldVuze

5 Steps to Get Your Class Started on WorldVuze

Are you looking for an authentic way to engage your students in what they’re learning? Here’s 5 simple steps for how you can safely and easily integrate global learning as a regular practice in your curriculum. On WorldVuze, your class can ask powerful questions related to your curriculum for a global community of students to answer. Students can then explore these diverse perspectives in many engaging ways, using maps, filters, and graphs that allow them to compare perspectives by province/region/state, city, town, and country, as well as by age, and time and dig deeper to understand why other young people are thinking the way they do.

5 Steps to Get You Started:
1) Create a New Class for Your Students to Join

Add Your ClassEvery teacher on WorldVuze is validated to ensure a trusted community of elementary and secondary school teachers and their students are the only one’s on the site. Students must be connected to at least one class to use WorldVuze. This way, as an educator you can keep track of all of the content your students are posting.

Set a class end date (i.e. the end of the school year). This means, your students will only be able to use WorldVuze when they’re in school. Students can join a new class when they return!

2) Students Sign-Up or Add a New Class 

Student Sign-Up


Every class has a unique 8 digit/letter class code. Find your class code by going to your Profile page, under your “Class” tab. Share this class code with your students to either sign-up (for first-time users) on www.worldvuze.com, or add a new class, by logging in with their username and password and entering in this new class code.




3) Search for Relevant Questions

explore questions

Search for relevant questions to what you’re learning by filtering questions by category, age, or time; searching for questions by keyword or geographic location (i.e. “climate change” or “Sierra Leone”); or browsing questions using the arrows on your dashboard.

4) Post Your Own Powerful Questions

Ask a Question

Work with your students to create a powerful question that you want to share with a global community of students. Teachers, post this question on behalf of your class by clicking on the orange “Ask a Question” button on the top right corner of your dashboard. Remember, every question will have both a multiple choice and an open ended part to it.




5) Share and Explore Local and Global Perspectives!

Explore perspectivesYour students can now share their own perspectives on meaningful questions, as well as explore and find patterns in thousands of other student perspectives across the globe.



WorldVuze is a non-profit platform and free for teachers and students to use. Why? We envision a future where young people from diverse backgrounds within and outside of their communities consider themselves as equals and are open to considering and understanding multiple points of view. In doing so, we hope they will form a deeper understanding of themselves, each other, and the world around them, as well as build the skill set and mindset needed to become effective 21st century problem solvers.

Need more help? Walk through how to use WorldVuze step-by-step with these quick demo videos.

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