Join the Earth Day Challenge!

Many of our environmental challenges are global in nature – from climate change, overpopulation, pollution, energy use, waste, water, to biodiversity. Activities in one community can impact others around the world. Earth Day is a reminder of our need to reflect on how we can protect the environment, but these discussions should last all year round.

Join us this year in our Earth Day Challenge from now until Earth Day (April 22, 2015) to spur a dialogue around environmental challenges that we all face together. Perhaps you want to have a better understanding on how people in different communities are impacted by pollution or climate change. Maybe you want to find out suggestions on how other people are reducing their impact on the environment in their community or in their school. Through these discussions, we can expand our thinking on environmental topics, learn from people experiencing environmental challenges from different geographic locations, and understand how we can best tackle these challenges together.

Watch this video from our Earth Day Challenge student team (who are spearheading this campaign!) to find out how your class can get involved.

  1. Post all of your Earth Day questions to WorldVuze and tag them as “EarthDay2015”
  2. Students answer Earth Day questions posted by your own and other classrooms. Find questions by typing in “EarthDay2015” in the search bar
  3. Check back on our blog once a week for updates and a video diary from the Earth Day Team reacting to your questions and perspectives you are sharing
  4. Share your own class reactions (through pictures, video, text) to the Earth Day discussions happening on WorldVuze and send them to to share with the community through our blog and weekly teacher updates
  5. Invite three more classrooms to join the Earth Day Challenge!