What is WorldVuze?

WorldVuze is a free non-profit platform where K-12 students can safely share and explore a diversity of perspectives with other students around the world on questions posted by classrooms, non profit organizations, and experts.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: A teacher signs up to worldvuze.com and creates a class for her/his own students to safely join. (demo video)WorldVuze Home Page
Step 2: Classrooms create questions that connect to their curriculum and post them for a global community of students to answer, where every voice matters. (demo video)WorldVuze pic
Step 3: Students explore answers to their questions and other questions posted by classrooms locally and around the world. They can sort and find patterns in how students have responded to questions and dig deeper to understand why they are thinking the way they do – giving them a deeper understanding of themselves, each other and their world.WorldVuze Analysis

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Online Safety on WorldVuze

Online safetyWe care deeply about the safety of this online community. Go to our Online Safety page to find out how we are keeping WorldVuze safe for K-12 teachers and students everywhere.

21st Century Learning Potential

worldvuze studentWorldVuze is a powerful tool that can help you create authentic, engaging, and deep global learning experiences for your students across your curriculum.

Take advantage of our resources, teacher training and take action campaigns and initiatives to use WorldVuze to its’ fullest potential!